Kosovo's population decline: Experts point to migration and birth rate as key factors

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Kosovo's population decline: Experts point to migration and birth rate as

Prishtina, June 9, 2024 -Kosovo's population has been declining at an alarming rate, with experts attributing the trend to a combination of factors, including migration and a decline in birth rates.

According to preliminary data from the Statistics Agency, Kosovo's population has decreased by approximately eight percent. This decline is attributed to a number of factors, including the external migration of citizens, a decline in birth rates, and the aging of the population.

Visare Mujko Nimani, from the UNFPA office in Kosovo, emphasized the importance of addressing these issues. "We need to see how we can manage migration, for example with various policy incentives that would influence the return of our diaspora or the population that has emigrated to return to Kosovo and work here or open businesses that will employ more youngsters," she said.

Another key factor contributing to the decline is the aging of the population. "The increase in life expectancy has led to an aging population, which affects the overall demographic structure of the country," said Lekë Musa, an economics expert.

To address these issues, experts recommend implementing policies that would make Kosovo an attractive destination for investors and improving the country's economic conditions. "We need to improve the labor market, increase wages, and create more job opportunities," said Blend Hyseni, from the GAP Institute for Advanced Studies.

The decline in population has significant implications for Kosovo's economy and development. "If we do not address these issues, it will be very difficult to have a good basis for economic development," said Musa.

This article was originally published by Voice of America (VoA) and has been adapted into English.

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