Von der Leyen's Reelection in Jeopardy After European Elections

11 Qershor 2024, 10:42World News TEMA

Von der Leyen's Reelection in Jeopardy After European Elections

Ursula von der Leyen's bid for a second term as European Commission president hangs in the balance following the European elections. The outcome of the polls will significantly impact her chances, as the results will shape who takes the EU's top jobs.

Von der Leyen's European People's Party (EPP) group is expected to remain the largest in the European Parliament, but she cannot rely solely on her allies. She must build support from other groups, including the centre left and Greens, who have expressed concerns about her working with the hard-right nationalists.

The Greens have indicated they will only support her if she commits to strengthening European democracy and the European Green Deal. This could be a crucial factor in her reelection, as the Greens are expected to play a key role in the new parliament.

The European elections have seen significant gains by the far-right parties, which could further complicate von der Leyen's path to reelection. She may need to look to the right or left for support, potentially working with constructive Eurosceptics or the Greens. However, her ability to secure a second term remains uncertain, and the outcome will depend on the complex negotiations with various political groups.

Von der Leyen's reelection is not guaranteed, and the outcome will depend on her ability to build a broad coalition. The European elections have brought significant changes, and the new parliament will likely be more fragmented than ever before. The outcome will be closely watched, as it will have significant implications for the future of the European Union.

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