Georgian parliament passes divisive media law amid protests

14 Maj 2024, 14:14World News TEMA

Georgian parliament passes divisive media law amid protests

May 14, 2024 — Amid intense public outcry, the Georgian Parliament has approved a controversial media law. The law requires media outlets, NGOs, and non-profits to register if they receive over 20% of their funding from abroad and are seen to promote foreign interests.

Critics fear the law undermines press freedom and Georgia's EU aspirations. They liken it to Russian laws used to suppress independent media and dissent.

Tensions boiled over in parliament, resulting in a physical altercation among MPs during the debate. Reports of violence against protesters and opposition members further highlight the charged atmosphere.

President Salome Zourabichvili, in disagreement with the ruling party, had planned to veto the law. However, the ruling party, Georgian Dream, had enough support to override her objections.

In Copenhagen, EU Council President Charles Michel emphasized the importance of democratic principles and the rule of law for Georgia's EU aspirations.

The passage of this controversial media law marks a critical moment in Georgia's democratic journey, with implications reaching beyond its borders.

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