Gantz quits war cabinet, leaving Netanyahu's government in crisis

10 Qershor 2024, 10:23World News TEMA

Gantz quits war cabinet, leaving Netanyahu's government in crisis

June 10, 2024 — Benny Gantz, a key member of Israel's war cabinet, has resigned from his position, effective immediately. Gantz, a longtime rival of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, had been a central figure in the country's ongoing conflict with Gaza.

Gantz's resignation comes after he threatened to leave the government if his six-point plan to address the crisis was not adopted. The plan included measures such as the return of abducted hostages, the dismantling of Hamas, and the establishment of an international civilian administration in Gaza. His departure leaves Netanyahu more reliant on far-right allies who advocate for the occupation of Gaza and the rebuilding of Jewish settlements there.

Gantz's resignation is seen as a significant development in the ongoing conflict, which has seen over 700,000 people flee Israeli attacks in Rafah and an additional 100,000 in Gaza's north. The Israeli army has urged Palestinians to evacuate parts of the city, indicating an imminent ground invasion, and Hamas has vowed to resist any military operation.

Gantz's departure from the war cabinet is likely to have significant implications for the future of the conflict and the Israeli government. His resignation underscores the deepening rift within the country's leadership and the ongoing struggle to find a lasting solution to the crisis in Gaza.


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