US to allocate $ 50 million for Albania's cyber defenses

7 Shkurt 2023, 11:49Society TEMA

The US will allocate 50 million dollars to Albania to improve its defenses against cyber attacks. This was announced by the US ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim during a conference on challenges that cyber security poses.

"The US has worked alongside Albania with our allies by reacting against Iran. It's clear that Albania and the US should bolster their joint defenses. 50 million dollars will be allocated to support Albania's defenses against cyber attacks. This is only the start of the assistance," Kim said.

Meanwhile, Albania's foreign minister, Olta Xhacka said the July 15 attack is one of the most serious attacks the country has seen and according to her, if this attack had been more successful, then the repercussions for citizens would be more dramatic.

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