Ukrainian women found dead in Tirana Apartment: New details emerge

13 Maj 2024, 13:03Society TEMA

Ukrainian women found dead in Tirana Apartment: New details emerge

May 13, 2024 — The mysterious deaths of two Ukrainian women, Antonina Kozachenko and Anastasia Lopukhova, continue to grip the attention of investigators in Tirana. The victims were found dead in an apartment, their lives cut short by suspected drug overdoses. However, recent revelations suggest a more complex narrative.

Escort group suspicions

Investigators now believe that Kozachenko and Lopukhova were part of an escort group operating across borders. Their friend, Yeva Vorona, who was also residing with them, has provided crucial testimony. According to Vorona, the trio offered sexual services for payment, primarily in Montenegro. While the two Ukrainian women ostensibly came to Tirana for vacation, evidence points to their activities extending beyond Albania.

Prolonged presence in Tirana

The investigative team’s suspicions stem from Yeva Vorona’s extended stay in the Albanian capital. Vorona had been in Tirana for approximately four months, raising questions about her involvement in the women’s activities. Records from the TIMS system reveal repeated travel between Tirana and Montenegro, further linking the trio to cross-border operations.

Forensic analysis

As the investigation intensifies, authorities have forwarded the victims’ phones to the Police Forensic Laboratory. Analysts will scrutinize their recent communications, hoping to uncover any leads that shed light on the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

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