UK government organises symposium on crime prevention

15 Mars 2023, 19:04Society TEMA

The first “Tirana International Symposium on Crime Prevention’ organised by the British Government projects RAYS and New Perspectives is a unique opportunity for policymakers and civil society to discuss how to further disrupt serious and organised crime.

This includes criminal groups’ ability to recruit and engage young people, and creating more sustainable solutions to divert them away from criminality and irregular migration risks.

“Exploring ways to divert youth from criminality and irregular migration are two of our key priorities. We need to focus much more on those who seek to exploit young people - the traffickers and organised crime groups - as they represent a real personal danger for young people, and expose them to unnecessary risks and an endless cycle of crime”, said Ambassador Alastair King Smith.

During the 3 days of the symposium, local and international keynote speakers will discuss various topics related to crime prevention and youth-driven interventions that enable positive life choices for young people. This includes addressing the drivers and root causes of irregular migration, including UK funded support in this area.


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