Triple murder suspect arrested by police

1 Mars 2023, 19:13Society TEMA

The man suspected of the murder of three women and the injury of three others on Wednesday in Tirana has been arrested by police.

The events that shocked the Albanian capital, Tirana on Wednesday were gruesome. A man, whom authorities have identified as Dan Hutra, killed three people and wounded another three on the same day.

The first crime took place in the area of Paskuqan around 1 pm, when Dan Hutra, 40 years of age, went at the home of his former partner and opened fire, leaving Mevlute Hysa and Hasime Dafku, both 30 years of age, dead. The perpetrator's former partner, Elena Hysa, 35 remained wounded along with her 60 year old mother.

Almost at the same time, a second crime took place in Kamza, when a 31 year old woman was found executed at her home. The victim was Etleva Kurti and police suspect the same man to be the killer of this woman.

Several hours later, a third crime, this time in the area of Astir. Prior to the massacre in Paskuqan, Dan Hutra had wounded his former girlfriend, Marjana Gurakuqi, 40 years old.

Authorities believe all of these crimes have been committed by the same man, the 40 year old Dan Hutra. Hutra is a man with criminal records and he had come out of prison not long ago.

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