TI: Albania largely stagnant on the Corruption Perception Index

31 Janar 2023, 08:05Society TEMA

In its annual report, Transparency International notes that majority of countries in the world continue to fail in their fight against corruption. 95% of countries have done very little or no progress whatsoever since 2017, according to the report.

Albania (36) has been largely stagnant on the CPI. According to the report, this hybrid regime’s progress in areas like judicial vetting and strengthening of the Specialised Structure for Anti-Corruption and Organised Crime has been overshadowed by weakened media independence and a lack of opportunities for meaningful engagement in decision-making by civil society.

"Smear campaigns and intimidation against journalists continue and, if adopted, changes to the freedom of information law will further narrow the opportunities for independent oversight of public institutions by providing the institutions with legal grounds for refusing to share information," the report states.

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