Significant reduction in illegal Albanian immigration to UK reported

14 Maj 2024, 14:41Society TEMA

Significant reduction in illegal Albanian immigration to UK reported

May 14, 2024 — The United Kingdom has witnessed a substantial decline in illegal immigration from Albania, with numbers plummeting by over 90 percent. This achievement was revealed by Michael Tomlinson, the Minister for Illegal Immigration in the UK, during his address at the Western Balkans Ministerial held in Tirana.

Tomlinson attributed this remarkable reduction to the collaborative efforts between the UK and Albania over the past 18 months, particularly emphasizing the effectiveness of measures aimed at curbing dinghy arrivals to the UK.

Furthermore, the British minister expressed intentions to replicate this success by establishing a similar agreement with Kosovo, underlining the importance of regional cooperation in addressing illegal immigration challenges.

Echoing Tomlinson's sentiments, Interior Minister Taulant Balla emphasized the necessity of collective action, asserting that no single country in the region can effectively tackle such issues alone. Balla also stressed the significance of ongoing international support in facilitating the Western Balkans' progress towards EU integration, particularly in bolstering capacities, advancing digitalization, and enhancing border security.

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