OSCE Presence warns against the control of media coverage of the election by candidates with more money

21 Mars 2023, 08:12Society TEMA

“The impact of campaign finance on the media's coverage of elections should not be overlooked. Candidates with more money can potentially control the narrative and dominate the media's coverage of the election,” OSCE Ambassador Guido De Sanctis said on Monday at a roundtable on elections and media.

The ambassador added that the OSCE strongly supports and encourages a stronger professional and ethical media watch over the electoral contestants’ campaign activity and transparency by keeping the public informed about the origin and extend of funds used on engagement for electoral purposes.

De Sanctis informed that in early April the OSCE Presence will publish guidelines on ethical media coverage during the electoral campaign.

Monday's event - "Electoral campaign - Funding, role and responsibility of the media, as well as hate speech and ethical standards during the electoral campaign" - was organized by the Central Election Commission, the OSCE Presence and the Council of Europe through EU funding.

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