One in five children in Albania lives on the brink of poverty, report suggests

7 Mars 2023, 18:39Society TEMA

Last year, around 22% of children in Albania lived on the brink of poverty. A report by the international organization, Save the Children, suggests that the pandemic along with other climate and geopolitical developments are threatening the future of children, especially in poor countries.

“There are at least 100 to 150 thousand children in Albania who live under the poverty line. There are families who must live on 1 thousand to 2500 leks a day, which must support the parents, but also the children, who may be three or four in a household,” says Altin Hazizaj from the Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights.

The report says that children living in rural areas encounter difficulties in acquiring knowledge, while disable children and children from the Roma community continue to have limited access to services.

Meanwhile, poverty is also encouraging children to engage in criminal offenses.

According to the Save the Children report, the number of poor children in Europe is almost 20 million, while Spain and Romania are the most problematic countries in this respect.

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