INTERPOL president praises Albania's role in combating cybercrime

11 Qershor 2024, 12:14Society TEMA

INTERPOL president praises Albania's role in combating cybercrime

The 51st European Regional Conference of INTERPOL kicked off in Tirana on Tuesday, with the organization's president, Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi, commending Albania's active participation in combating cybercrime and transnational crime. Since joining INTERPOL in 1991, Albania has been a key player in the organization's efforts to combat these threats.

Al-Raisi highlighted Albania's achievements, including a 70% reduction in command and control servers and the identification of 1,300 suspicious IP addresses. He emphasized that Albania's participation reflects the values of international cooperation and enhances cybersecurity.

The conference, which will run for three days, aims to discuss best practices and solutions to support law enforcement agencies in their efforts to combat cybercrime. Al-Raisi expressed his expectation that the conference will provide a platform for countries to learn from each other's experiences and strengthen their partnerships.

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