Italy grants political asylum to Albania's former chief prosecutor

14 Shkurt 2023, 08:21Society TEMA

Former Attorney General, Adriatik Llalla, who was sentenced by the Special Court against Corruption and Organised Crime to 2 years in prison, has been granted political asylum in Italy.

The news was confirmed for A2CNN by his defense attorney, Sokol Hazizaj. According to the latter, Lalla's application for asylum was approved by Rome's Appeals Court.

In its verdict, the Italian court has raised suspicion over the credibility of the Special Court's ruling. Referring to Llalla's health problems and the prison sentence he was given, the Rome Appeals Court said Albanian courts cannot hand down prison sentences in such cases.

Adriatik Llalla was sentenced to two years in prison for "concealing and making a false declaration of his wealth". But, the former attorney general left the country a few days before the court's final judgement.

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