EU Ambassador commends Albania's efforts in migration strategy

14 Maj 2024, 10:08Society TEMA

EU Ambassador commends Albania's efforts in migration strategy

May 14, 2024 — EU Ambassador to Albania, Silvio Gonzato, lauded Albania's commitment to addressing migration challenges during his participation in the Interministerial Conference of Western Balkan countries.

Gonzato praised Albania for adopting a robust migration strategy, citing its alignment with European standards while also applauding its ambitious scope. He assured Albania of the EU's steadfast support in implementing this strategy.

"The EU's Action Plan for the Western Balkans remains a cornerstone for immigration, asylum, and border management policies," Gonzato remarked. The plan fosters collaboration not only within the EU but also with regional partners to tackle migration and security issues head-on.

Gonzato highlighted the tangible impact of this cooperation, noting a significant one-third reduction in migration pressure within Western Balkans corridors in 2023 compared to the previous year. He attributed this success to the collective dedication of regional stakeholders and the increasing financial and technical assistance provided by the EU and its agencies.

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