Vulin's statements spark diplomatic reaction

15 Maj 2024, 14:49Politics TEMA

Vulin's statements spark diplomatic reaction

May 15, 2024 — In a series of provocative remarks, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vulin has ignited diplomatic tensions with Albania and Greece. Vulin's statement that "Greater Albania can be stopped only by the Serbs and the Serbian World, but also by the Greeks" has drawn sharp criticism from Albanian officials, who view it as a challenge to regional stability.

Moreover, Vulin's warning to Greece regarding the recognition of Kosovo has deepened the rift between the two countries. "The next time the government of Greece thinks about recognizing so-called Kosovo, let them remember what the reception of Edi Rama looked like in the middle of Athens," says Vulin.

In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has swiftly summoned the Serbian ambassador to clarify Vulin's remarks. Albanian officials emphasize their commitment to regional cooperation and European integration, urging Serbia to reconsider its stance for the sake of neighborly relations.

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