Veliaj re-elected for a third term in Tirana

16 Maj 2023, 11:52Politics TEMA

The Central Election Commission has published the result for the municipality of Tirana following Sunday’s mayoral race.

According to the results, incumbent mayor, Erion Veliaj, representing the Socialist Party, has won by a large margin and has thus been re-elected for a third term in office.

Veliaj has won 158,688 votes or 54.69% of total votes. The opposition candidate, Belind Kellici has won 100.351 thousand votes.  Arlind Qori has won 13,835 votes or 4,77 %.

The Democratic Party candidate, Roland Bejko has won 12,388 votes or 4,77%. Marko Dajti won 2807 votes or 0,97. While Lajla Pernaska has won 2014 votes or 0,75%.

This is the biggest victory a candidate has ever achieved in Tirana and also the biggest defeat of the opposition in history.

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