SPAK will not investigate January 21 deaths

9 Shkurt 2023, 11:42Politics TEMA

Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organised Crime announced today that it will not be this institution to investigate charges pressed by the Socialist Party and justice minister, Ulsi Manja with regards to the January 21 killings.

The case will be investigated by Tirana Prosecutor's Office.

A month ago, on the 12th anniversary of the killing of three protestors in front of the PM's office, the Socialist Party and the justice minister, Ulsi Manja pressed charges and asked SPAK to investigate the case.

The Socialist Party top official, Damian Gjiknuri said at a press conference that charges had been pressed against former PM, Sali Berisha, Lulzim Basha, who served as interior minister and Ndrea Prendi, former commander of the Republican Guard for the death of three protestors.

The government called on the new justice system to show it's independent, adding that this file should have been received by prosecutors since the very first days when SPAK was constituted.


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