Socialist leader reacts to the arrest of former associate

6 Qershor 2023, 18:55Politics TEMA

Prime Minister and leader of the ruling Socialist Party, Edi Rama has reacted over the arrest of his former associate and former mayor of Durres, Vangjush Daku.

During a meeting held in Berat, the PM said it’s not easy for him to see his former associate being brought to justice, but added that this makes him proud, because it’s the first time in the history of Albania that such thing is happening.

Rama also said that he feels proud about the fact that the justice system is functioning and that his government deserves credit for this.

The Special Prosecution against Organized Crime and Corruption (SPAK) has issued arrest warrants for former mayor of Durres, Vangjush Dako and nine other local government officials on charges of abuse with office and forgery of documents.

The charges in question relate to a construction permit issued in 2014, which, according to investigators, has legal issues.

After the arrest warrant issued by SPAK, former mayor of Durres, Vangjush Dako has handled himself in.


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