Rama compares Zelensky to Thaci

17 Maj 2023, 12:52Politics TEMA

In a speech in front members of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, Albanian PM, Edi Rama has requested the withdrawal of senator Dick Marty's report, which considered Albania a base for human organs trafficking by the Kosovo Liberation Army.

The head of the Albanian government said the denial of this truth is as serious as the moment when this report was voted at that time.

Meanwhile, the Albanian PM also drew a comparison between Kosovo and Ukraine, saying that Volodimyr Zelensky today is like Hashim Thaci yesterday.

The Albanian leader said "the injustice being committed against KLA started at the Council of Europe under Russia's malicious influence", adding that "the president of Kosovo is being tried by a special tribunal created by the democratic world, but relying on a report such as Dick Marty's report which was sponsored by Putin".

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