Public Discord Emerges Over Potential Opposition Coalition Ahead of 2025 Elections

20 Prill 2024, 09:30Politics TEMA

Public Discord Emerges Over Potential Opposition Coalition Ahead of 2025

Tirana, April 20, 2024-As the 2025 general elections draw nearer, there's been a significant buzz surrounding public opinion on how the opposition should be structured. A recent survey conducted by Barometri on Euronews Albania has revealed a diverse range of views regarding the potential formation of a strong coalition against the current government.

The survey's central question focused on whether the Freedom Party (PL) should become part of a possible coalition alongside the Democratic Party (PD) to oppose government policies. The responses unveiled a clear divide among respondents.

A substantial 56.6% of participants expressed opposition to the idea of the Freedom Party joining such a coalition. This prevalent sentiment indicates widespread apprehension about merging the Freedom Party with the Democratic Party in a confrontational stance against governmental measures.

Conversely, 32.2% of respondents voiced support for the notion of the Freedom Party aligning with the Democratic Party in an oppositional coalition. This minority perspective suggests a level of endorsement for a unified opposition front against the incumbent government.

However, a notable 11.3% of respondents remained undecided on the matter, signaling a segment of the population grappling with indecision or lacking a definitive stance.

Despite this fragmentation, a majority of citizens advocate for oppositional unity in countering governmental policies. When asked whether the opposition should unite in a broad coalition against the government, 64.1% of respondents answered affirmatively.

This prevailing sentiment underscores the belief among citizens in the necessity of a cohesive oppositional front to effectively challenge governmental actions and policies.

The survey's findings shed light on the complexities of public opinion regarding the opposition's structural dynamics preceding the 2025 elections. While there's a palpable desire for oppositional unity, discrepancies persist concerning the specifics of coalition-building, particularly regarding the Freedom Party's potential involvement.


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