Prime Minister Edi Rama honors Ibrahim Rugova as a visionary leader at Kosovo commemoration

10 Qershor 2024, 13:25Politics TEMA

Prime Minister Edi Rama honors Ibrahim Rugova as a visionary leader at Kosovo

Pristina, June 10, 2024 - In a moving tribute, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama praised the late Ibrahim Rugova, the former President of Kosovo, as a visionary leader and an exceptional figure in Albanian politics. Speaking at an international conference commemorating the 25th anniversary of NATO's intervention in Kosovo, Rama highlighted Rugova's unwavering courage and his ability to inspire hope in the face of adversity.

Rama described Rugova as an intellectual from the mountains of Albanian history, a man who defied the doubts and ridicule of his contemporaries to lead his people toward a brighter future. Despite the challenges and hardships faced by Kosovo during his tenure, Rugova remained steadfast in his commitment to non-violent resistance and the pursuit of independence.

The Prime Minister emphasized Rugova's unique approach to politics, stating that he was an unmatched and inimitable figure among Albanian politicians. Rama praised Rugova's ability to impress people with his vision and his willingness to take risks for the sake of his people.

Rugova's proclamation as the President of Kosovo in 1992, despite the lack of international recognition, was a testament to his courage and his belief in the power of hope. Rama noted that Rugova risked not only his life but also his name and personality in pursuit of his goals.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the challenges faced by Rugova, including the ridicule and malice of his detractors. However, Rama emphasized that Rugova remained resolute in his commitment to non-violence and his belief in the power of the written word to inspire change.

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