Political leades vote, voter turnout 13%

14 Maj 2023, 13:05Politics TEMA

Political leaders in Albania have voted today as the country elects its local government representatives. Prime Minister Edi Rama said this is the moment when citizens should have their say, while adding that voters must not be discouraged by problems with the electronic identification.

Leader of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta said that massive turnout is the only thing that can bring change.

Incumbent mayor, Erion Veliaj who is seeking to be re-elected for a third term in office encouraged people to vote and decide on the fate of the city for the next four years.

The democrat leader, Sali Berisha also invited citizens to vote for their local representatives.

US ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim also had a message for Albanian authorities, urging them to apply the law.

Meanwhile, turnout at 11 am was 13.59%.

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