PM says there'll be dialogue with Greece

16 Maj 2023, 03:24Politics TEMA

At a news conference after the stunning result his ruling Socialist Party achieved in Sunday’s local mayoral poll, Prime Minister Edo Rama has thanked all supports form north to south, while adding that he will immediately start a tour across the country to thank voters for the great support shown for socialist candidates.

The PM said he will start this tour from the biggest city in the north, Shkodra, which for the first time, since the fall of communism, decided to vote left.

The PM also commented on the arrest of Greek minority candidate for Himare, Fredi Beleri and the strong reactions this arrest triggered in the neighbouring country, Greece. Rama said that once Greece holds its elections this weekend, there’ll be dialogue between the two countries.

The Albanian PM said the Greek minority must not be used for political gains and added that he will not accept any interferences from abroad.

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