Parliament resumes session after election

17 Maj 2023, 19:55Politics TEMA

Parliament will resume session on Thursday after an intense election campaign for the mayoral elections which took place on Sunday.

In the first sitting of the Assembly, MPs are expected to vote two bills which relate to the ratification of the agreements for an integrated regional development and the construction of the bridge connecting Albania to Montenegro.

Despite the agenda, debates are expected to focus on the May 14 local government elections, where the opposition will accuse the ruling Socialist Party of electoral fraud.

Meanwhile, socialists have must secure the necessary votes to adopt their bills, such the bill on pay increases for the public sector and the bill on online betting, which require the vote of at least 84 MPs.

Meanwhile, MPs will also have to vote on the Tax Amnesty, the Penal Amnesty and the election of the Ombudsman.

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