Opposition's candidate for Tirana claims there's been election fraud

16 Maj 2023, 17:23Politics TEMA

Belind Kellici, the opposition’s candidate who lost the Tirana mayoral race against his socialist rival, Erion Veliaj said today that the election result doesn’t reflect reality, while adding that every violation will be proven.

“I’m here to thank over 100 thousand citizens who believed and voted for a change in Tirana. Unfortunately, the May 14 election result doesn’t reflect reality and does not reflect the will of the people. This result was affected by a blackmail and the pressure that public administration has been subjected to. We’re working to secure all the necessary evidence to prove every committed violation,” Kellici said.             

Meanwhile, earlier today, leader of the opposition coalition, Sali Berisha also accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of electoral fraud. Nevertheless, so far, no substantial evidence has been presented to support claims of electoral fraud in Sunday’s mayoral race, which gave a stunning victory to the ruling Socialist Party.

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