Leadership face-off: Berisha vs. Basha in court decision

11 Qershor 2024, 05:41Politics TEMA

Leadership face-off: Berisha vs. Basha in court decision

June 11, 2024 - The Appeals Court in Tirana will decide today on the legal status of the Democratic Party in Albania.

This decision involves recognizing the party's leadership, specifically determining whether Berisha or Basha should be officially acknowledged as the leader.

This recognition has significant implications, such as deciding who can run under the party's logo. Currently, Basha holds the recognized leadership position, which means Berisha's faction may face limitations, including eligibility for state funds as a political party.

Since 2013, when the current ruling Socialist Party came into power, the Democratic Party has been in opposition, facing defeat in consecutive elections. With the current divisions, it seems increasingly challenging to unseat the current Prime Minister, Edi Rama, who confidently predicts the Socialists will secure a fourth term in next year's elections.

Adding to the complexity, 79-year-old Berisha, a former Prime Minister and President, is currently under house arrest on corruption charges. This legal predicament further complicates the leadership dispute within the Democratic Party and casts a shadow over its future prospects.

The court's decision today will significantly impact the Democratic Party's future direction and its role within Albanian politics. It will determine the party's legal standing, recognize its leadership, and could influence its ability to effectively challenge the ruling party in upcoming elections.


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