Former president blames Berisha for the dire situation within the main opposition party

25 Maj 2023, 10:32Politics TEMA

Former president  and a former senior Democratic Party official, Bamir Topi blames current party leader, Sali Berisha for the difficult situation that this party is in and that the only way out for the opposition is by removing him.

"I know the opposition is going through a chronic disease and I believe it can be healed. Sali Berisha's figure must be attacked," Topi said during a televised interview.

Meanwhile, the former president sees Berisha as the biggest evil for the Albanian opposition.

The former president's comments come at a time when the Democratic Party has been plagued by deep divisions and the biggest election defeat in its history.

The main opposition party is divided into two parts and the big schism occured when Berisha was asked by former party leader, Lulzim Basha to leave following a decision by the US Department of State to designate him as persona non-grata for significant corruption and for mining democracy. 

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