Former defense minister denies any wrongdoing in the Gerdec affair

8 Shkurt 2023, 19:39Politics TEMA

The leader of the Republican Party and former defense minister, Fatmir Mediu has reacted today following the announcement that the Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organised Crime has formally charged the former minister in connection to the blast of the ammunition dismantling plant of Gerdec in March 2008, where 26 people died and many others remained wounded.

The former minister, who is accused of "abuse with power", considered SPAK's actions to be illegal.

Mediu said the the events taken place in Gerdec didn't occur as a result of the orders issued by the Ministry of Defense.

"These orders were issued in compliance with the law and the Council of Ministers' decisions. The obligation for the dismantlement of the ammunitions stemmed from these decisions and Albania's legal requirements for its accession in the NATO and EU," Mediu said.

According to the minister, the investigations "have proven that I haven't been involved in corruption affairs".

Mediu also said that the legal action against him is politically motivated. He's convinced the charges brought against him are unlawful and unfounded.

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