Democrats stress the need for consultation with the base following election defeat

24 Maj 2023, 17:26Politics TEMA

The Democratic Party's vice chair, Jorida Tabaku says the issue regarding the party's leadership will be decided by all democrats.

After a meeting held on Wednesday with the parliamentary group , Tabaku said that the mistakes of the past must not be repeated, while adding that there will be consultations with democrats across the country.

"The Albanian opposition suffered one of the biggest defeats in the May 14 elections. We need to understand what really happened. We need to hold a tour of consultations to understand how we can rise again,"  Tabaku said.

These statements come at a time when the Democratic Party has been plagued by deep divisions. The main opposition party is divided into two parts and the big schism occured when Berisha was asked by former party leader, Lulzim Basha to leave following a decision by the US Department of State to designate him as persona non-grata for significant corruption and for mining democracy. 

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