Democrat leader says Saturday's protest will mark the beginning of a revolution

7 Shkurt 2023, 20:55Politics TEMA

The leader of the main opposition party, Sali Berisha said today during a televised debate, that Saturday's protest called by the opposition will mark the beginning of a revolution, which must oust PM Edi Rama from power.

According to the democrat leader, the so called McGonigal affair has not only sent shockwaves in the US, but also in Albania.  The head of the Democratic Party accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of trying to destroy the Albanian opposition.

What does the opposition claim?

Opposition MPs want a parliamentary investigative committee to probe claims that PM Edi Rama had a former FBI official Charles McGonigal in his pocket, and used him to smear the opposition.

However, PM Edi Rama dismissed claims that his government bribed a former FBI official to push for FBI investigations into matters that damaged the Albanian opposition. The request calls for an investigation into whether the Tirana government “incited, influenced, ordered or used public assets, bribes or other favours for the FBI former agent at the expense of the opposition”.


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