Cameron praises UK-Albania partnership ahead of visit

22 Maj 2024, 09:35Politics TEMA

Cameron praises UK-Albania partnership ahead of visit

May 22, 2024 — The UK's Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, will travel to Albania this Wednesday for meetings with President Bajram Begaj, Prime Minister Edi Rama, and Foreign Minister Igli Hasani.

Ahead of his visit, Cameron highlighted the success of the UK-Albania partnership in reducing illegal immigration. He reported that small boat arrivals from Albania to the UK decreased by over 90% last year. “Our partnership with Albania is delivering results, reducing dangerous Channel crossings and the influence of criminal gangs,” Cameron stated.

During his visit, Cameron will also discuss the establishment of a joint program to combat corruption and organized crime. “Together, we are strengthening our partnership, enhancing European security, investing in youth, building trade links, and tackling corruption and organized crime to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for our countries,” he emphasized.


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