Berisha says the opposition will request an inquiry committee to investigate irregularities during local election

24 Maj 2023, 17:12Politics TEMA

Unhappy with the reaction of the judicial bodies following the numerous complaints that the opposition has filed, democrats will request the appointment of a parliamentary inquiry committee to investigate the May 14 local government elections.

In a meeting held on Wednesday with democrat MPs, party leader, Sali Berisha said they will request the investigation of what he considers to be "an electoral massacre".

According to Berisha, one of the biggest abuses committed by the government in the local government elections was the use of the prison administration and levelled accusations against the Minister of Justice. On the other hand, the democrat leader considers the government's decision to increase salaries just before the elections to be another violation of the Constitution, which, according to him had an effect on the election result.

10 days ago, Albania held local government elections in which the right wing coalition led by former PM, Sali Berisha was defeated and could only win in 7 out of 61 municipalities. However, Berisha has not admitted the defeat and claims the socialist government has rigged the election.

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