Berisha gets vote of confidence from party delegates, despite humiliating defeat in local election

2 Dhjetor 2023, 17:00Politics TEMA

Berisha gets vote of confidence from party delegates, despite humiliating defeat

Accompanied by his family, Sali Berisha asked the delegates of the Democratic Party’s National Assembly to vote him again as party leader, despite the defeat that the main opposition party suffered in the May 14 local government elections, where the opposition only managed to win in 7 out of 61 municipalities. The other 54 were won by the ruling Socialist Party.

The former PM spoke about a political battle, which will overthrow the government and bring democrats back to power.

He accused his political opponent of restoring dictatorship during the ten years he’s been in power.

Berisha said Albania has always produced heroes in difficult times. He added that the only thing that can be done in the current situation is civil disobedience.

According to him, it’s been a decade now that the nation has lost all hope, the right to vote freely and one third of its people. Berisha said that the rule of law was replaced by the “narco-state”.

In his speech the former PM said the country today is experiencing a new dictatorship, where all the powers are in the hands of one man.

The National Assembly, which was also greeted by MPs of the Italian center-right  party, Forza Italia, approved a resolution urging citizens to unite in a single front in order to make the necessary sacrifices.

The assembly was held at a time when the main opposition party is divided in two groups. One of the groups supports former PM, Sali Berisha and the other supports Lulzim Basha.

The divisions started when in May 2021, the US Department of State declared the former PM persona non-grata for significant corruption and for undermining democracy. The same decision was also taken by UK authorities. 



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