Berisha anounces fresh protests

26 Maj 2023, 15:25Politics TEMA

Opposition leader, Sali Berisha said during a press conference on Friday that he will continue to denounce the irregularities, which, according to him, were seen during the May 14 local government elections and in which his party was defeated.

Berisha said that the biggest concern for democrats at the moment is the fact that they're unable to vote freely.  He accused socialist leader, Edi Rama of giving a 50 thousand leks bonus for pensioners while raising salaries for the public sector in the middle of an election campaign, which, according to him, is a violation of the Constitution.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader said he plans to organize fresh protests.  He said that Albanians must be patient until the Democratic Party collects the necessary evidence to corroborate claims of electoral fraud.

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