Authorities arrest former govt official on charges of money laundering

4 Shkurt 2023, 08:34Politics TEMA

Police have arrested on Friday former government official Alda Klosi, who, in December pressed charges against her cleaning woman, Rozeta Dobo for the theft of 120 thousand euros and 30 thousand USD. Along with the cleaning woman, authorities also arrested her son, Havier Dobi, who was suspected of acting as an accomplice to her mother in the theft.

However, when authorities searched the official's home, they found another amount of around 400 thousand euros, which were hidden. The large amount of cash found in the home of the government official led to suspicions over their source. After an inquiry, which lasted over a month, the government official was arrested on charges of money laundering.

This case along with the arrest a few weeks ago of a senior official of the ministry of finance led to numerous accusations by the opposition. According to its officials, these cases show the scale of corruption among government officials.  

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