Albania's Xhacka says Greek minority candidate is as equal in front of the law as anyone else

12 Maj 2023, 15:22Politics TEMA

Albanian foreign minister, Olta Xhacka took to social media following the arrest of the Greek minority candidate for Himare, Fredi Beleri on charges of vote buying.

According to the minister, "vote buying is a grave offense in our legislation, and our law enforcement agencies prioritize combating it during election time" and that this applies to all citizens of Albania, " including our Greek minority brothers and sisters participating in our elections."

"The candidacy of Fredis Beleris, a citizen of Albania running for election by his fellow citizens, does not warrant any special treatment. He is as equal in front of law as anyone else. It is up only to the prosecutors and judges to handle this case in accordance with evidence," Xhacka said.

Meanwhile, the minister urged authorities in Athens to closely monitor the development of the case with patience, allowing Albanian justice to do its work without external pressures or divisive messages.

" Good to keep Brussels informed,but we should also wait for the facts to emerge," she said.

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