Albanian PM comments on relations with Greece following his last visit

14 Maj 2024, 08:17Politics TEMA

Albanian PM comments on relations with Greece following his last visit

May 14, 2024 — In a televised interview on Monday following his return from Greece, Prime Minister Edi Rama shed light on the delicate balance between personal relations and institutional challenges in Albanian-Greek relations.

Rama emphasized the positive personal relationship he shares with Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis. However, he acknowledged the hurdles they face in their official interactions. One key point of contention is the Fredi Beleri issue, which has sparked controversy domestically and strained bilateral relations.

“In terms of personal ties, Prime Minister Mitsotakis and I have a strong relationship,” Rama stated during an appearance on the Opinion show. “However, there are institutional obstacles we need to overcome.”

His visit on Sunday in the neighbouring country prompted an adverse reaction from Greek political circles, which Rama deemed unjustified. He added that his delegation did not seek additional meetings with Greek officials beyond the scheduled engagement.

“We hadn’t requested additional meetings with Greek authorities,” Rama explained. “Given the political context, any such requests would have been perceived as undue pressure. Despite some turbulence, an amicable atmosphere prevailed, drawing significant attention.”

When asked about the broader state of Albanian-Greek relations, Rama acknowledged the existence of institutional obstacles. Differing interpretations of certain issues continue to pose challenges. Nevertheless, he emphasized the need for steady progress despite occasional setbacks.

Reflecting on past visits to Greece, Rama contrasted the warm reception he received previously with the current tensions. Despite the complexities, he remains committed to fostering positive relations and engaging constructively with Greek counterparts.

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