Radoicic released after being detained over attack in northern Kosovo

4 Tetor 2023, 10:29Kosovo & Region TEMA

Radoicic released after being detained over attack in northern Kosovo

Former vice chairman of the Serbian List, Milan Radoicic, who accepted responsibility over the attack in northern Kosovo on September 24, has been released 24 hours after he was detained by the Serbian authorities.

The Supreme Court in Belgrade has rejected the Prosecutor's Office request to keep him in custody.

However, Radoicic cannot leave Serbia without the court's permission and he cannot travel to Kosovo.

Authorities have also seized Radoicic's passport and he was told he could be remanded into custody if he violates the court's orders.

Serbian authorities announced on Tuesday the arrest of Kosovo Serb politician Milan Radoicic, who led the armed Serbian group that clashed with Kosovar police on Sept. 24, causing extreme tensions on the border between the two countries.

Radoicic, vice president of the Serbian List, a minority political party in Kosovo’s northern town of Zvecan, was arrested on Tuesday and police officers from the Criminal Police Directorate searched his apartment and other premises, the Serbian Interior Ministry said in a statement, without specifying their locations.

Clashes broke out in Banjska after a group of armed Serbs blocked a bridge. A shootout erupted when the group opened fire on police.

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti claimed that the armed Serbian group was led by Radoicic, who later accepted full responsibility for the events in the village of Banjska in northern Kosovo, which caused enormous tensions between the two neighboring countries.



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