Radoicic Confirms Role in North of Kosovo Attack and Resigns Serbian List

29 Shtator 2023, 18:21Kosovo & Region TEMA

Radoicic Confirms Role in North of Kosovo Attack and Resigns Serbian List

Vice President of Lista Srpska, Milan Radoicic, through his lawyer has disclosed a letter in which Radoicic admitted his participation in the terrorist attack that occurred on September 24 in the northern region of Kosovo, resulting in the death of a Kosovo Police officer. Consequently, Radoicic has resigned from his position as Vice President of the Lista Srpska party in Kosovo

The Vice President of Lista Srpska in Kosovo, Milan Radoicic, has unequivocally confirmed his involvement in the terrorist attack on September 24 in Kosovo, which claimed the life of Kosovo Police officer Afrim Bunjaku.

“I want to emphasize that we are not terrorists but fighters for the freedom of our people,” read a segment of Radoicic’s letter, as conveyed by his attorney, Goran Petronijevic.

Radoicic has also tendered his resignation from the role of Vice President of Lista Srpska. This resignation has been confirmed by his attorney, Goran Petronijevic.

In his letter, Radoicic explicitly stated that he was not acting on behalf of Lista Srpska during the attack in Kosovo, leading to his decision to resign from the political party.

“I hereby submit my irrevocable resignation as Vice President of Lista Srpska. I am ready to respond to the invitation of the Serbian authorities regarding these events. Long live Serbia. Milan Radoicic,” the statement concluded.

Attorney Petronijevic indicated that he had not yet had the opportunity to review the broadcasted footage that purportedly shows his client’s involvement in the September 24 attack. Nevertheless, he affirmed that Milan Radojicic sustained no injuries and did not require medical treatment.

“I cannot pass judgment as I have regrettably not viewed the recording. Concerning his health, I can confirm that he was neither injured nor medically treated,” stated Petronijevic.

Radoicic’s attorney declined to respond to inquiries from journalists regarding the arming and organization of the terrorist attack, which reportedly involved over 30 individuals in Banjska of Zveçan.

Police Sergeant Afrim Bunjaku lost his life during this terrorist attack. However, Radoicic’s attorney contended that the fatal bullet was not intended for Bunjaku.

“The Kosovo policeman lost his life due to a bullet explosion, which was not meant for him or anyone else. If there are further statements on this matter, we will address them,” asserted the attorney.

In drone footage made public by Kosovo’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sveçla, Milan Radoicic is seen alongside some members of the terrorist group in the vicinity of a guesthouse that is part of the Monastery of Zveçan.

Who is Radoicic’s lawyer?

Goran Petronijevic, the legal representative of Milan Radoicic, completed his legal education at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, graduating in 1982. Following his graduation in 1983, he commenced his career as an intern at the then-First Municipal Court in Belgrade. Subsequently, he served as a professional associate and, from 1989 onwards, as a judge.

In 1996, he assumed the role of a judge at the District Court in Belgrade, later becoming the Deputy President of the District Court in Belgrade in 1997.

Between 1998 and June 1999, he functioned as a judge at the District Court in Peja and served as a special investigative judge for the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, tasked with investigating war crimes within the territory of Kosovo and Metohija. In his capacity as a judge, he was a member of the judicial panel that, in 2000, delivered a verdict against the NATO leader for war crimes committed during the 1999 bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Since June 2001, he has been practicing law as an attorney. Throughout his legal career, he has defended high-profile cases in the realms of organized crime and war crimes, both domestically and internationally. Some of his most notable clients include Rade Marković, the former head of the State Security of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (a military service member in the Serbian civil service), Aco Tomić, the former head of the Military Security of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Veselin Šljivančanin (affiliated with the Hague Tribunal), and Radovan Karadžić, the former leader of the Bosnian Serbs who was convicted of genocide by the Hague Tribunal.

Goran Petronijevic is also the founder of the Movement for Serbia, the media outlet “Russian Express,” and the non-governmental organization “Center for the Restoration of International Law,” a Serbian political entity funded by Russia. (Prishtina Insight)

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