Police operation at Serbian Postal Savings Bank offices in Kosovo sparks EU concern

21 Maj 2024, 17:01Kosovo & Region TEMA

Police operation at Serbian Postal Savings Bank offices in Kosovo sparks EU

May 21, 2024 — The European Union expressed concern over Monday’s police operation at the offices of the Serbian Postal Savings Bank in the north of Kosovo. According to the EU Spokesperson, “The closure and confiscation of these offices without prior notice or coordination and only a few days after the last Dialogue meeting, which also covered the question of the premises of the Postal Savings Bank, is escalatory and goes against the spirit of normalization and it undermines Kosovo’s good faith in achieving normalization of relations through the Dialogue.”

The EU further emphasized that “uncoordinated actions by one of the parties put the implementation of the Agreement on the Path to Normalization at risk.” The operation by the Kosovo Police also jeopardizes the ongoing negotiations on a temporary solution for people negatively affected by the regulation of the Kosovo Central Bank on cash operations.

In the continued absence of sustainable alternatives, the EU warned that this situation would have negative effects on the daily lives and living conditions of Kosovo Serbs and other communities eligible for financial transfers from Serbia.

The EU’s position is clear: “Monday’s operation proves again that Kosovo authorities prioritize unilateral and uncoordinated actions rather than cooperation with its friends and allies.” The status of all Serbia-supported structures and services is foreseen to be resolved in the EU-facilitated Dialogue, in connection with the establishment of the Association/Community of Serb-Majority municipalities.

The EU urges both Kosovo and Serbia to return to the negotiation table and to agree to the latest compromise proposal tabled by the EU Facilitator, allowing eligible beneficiaries to receive financial transfers from Serbia.


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