MEPs condemn attack on Kosovo police

4 Tetor 2023, 08:40Kosovo & Region TEMA

MEPs condemn attack on Kosovo police

European commissioner for crisis management, Janez Lenarcic said on Tuesday that the events taken place on September 24 in northern Kosovo should be considered as a wakeup call and that the situation is extremely serious.

He made these statements during a debate at the European Parliament following the attack led by a group of armed Serb killing one Kosovar police officer and wounding another.

"The European Union is monitoring the investigations taking place and expects the perpetrators to be brought to justice and for Serbia to cooperate fully including the prevention of arms smuggling through its border. Besides the investigations, it's also important that Kosovo and Serbia refrain from any action, which could further escalate the situation," commissioner Lenarcic said.

The recent clashes increased tensions between Kosovo and Serbia and the event was considered to be one of the most serious ones since Kosovo declared its independence in 2008.

Kosovo's rapporteur at the European Parliament, Viola Von Cramon said the brutal attack against Kosovo police in Banjska is a reminder that peace in the Balkans cannot be taken for granted.

"We must condemn this act of violence and call for the perpetrators to be brought to justice. Serbia must co-operate unconditionally during the investigations and it must hold the perpetrators accountable, including Milan Daoicic," she said.

Serbia's interior ministry announced on Monday that authorities there have arrested Milan Radoicic, the man accused of leading the attack that a group of armed men carried out against Kosovo police 10 days ago in northern Kosovo. According to authorities in Serbia, Radoicic will be held in detention for a period of 48 hours.

Dutch MEP, Thijs Reuten called for "decisive steps to be taken to stop Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic"

Meanwhile, MEPs also expressed their concern over the build-up of Serbian military troops on the border with Kosov, while calling on Belgrade to remove the troops. They also urged the two countries to resume the EU-sponsored dialogue and avoid any escalation of the situation.

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