Kurti urges international community to condemn Serbian extremist groups in the north

6 Qershor 2023, 10:00Kosovo & Region TEMA

After his meeting with EU and US envoys, Lajcak and Escobar on Monday in Pristina, Kosovo's PM, Gabriel Kurti said the only way out to normalize situation in the north  of the country is to stop the attacks launched by Serbian extremists and criminal gangs against law enforcement , international peacekeeping troops and journalists.

The PM's office released a statement in which it says that the three officials discussed the latest developments and exchanged ideas on how to de-escalate the situation in the north and also the need to implement the basic agreement reached between Kosovo and Serbia in Ohrid.

" Opinions were exchanged on the situation and recent developments, ideas for de-escalation of the situation in the north and the urgency of implementing the Basic Agreement and the Implementation Annex. The Prime Minister said that the way forward is to immediately stop attacks by violent extremists and criminal groups against local and international security agencies and journalists. He invited Brussels and Washington to call for an end to the violence and the prosecution and punishment of its perpetrators," the statement reads.

According to the Kosovar PM, " only the rule of law can pave the way for early, free, democratic and fair elections."

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