EU commissioner urges Kosovo and Serbia to implement their agreements

25 Maj 2023, 19:06Kosovo & Region TEMA

EU enlargement commissioner, Oliver Varhelyi, was in Pristina today where he met with the Kosovan president, Vjosa Osmani.

At a news conference with the head of the Kosovan state, the EU official urged Kosovo and Serbia to implement all the agreements they've reached so far in Brussels as part of the ongoing talks the two countries have been holding since 2011 to normalize their ties.

Meanwhile, the EU enlargement commissioner recalled the fact as of January 1 next year citizens of Kosovo will no longer need to obtain a visa to travel to EU countries, considering this a success.

Varhelyi also urged authorities in Kosovo to do more in terms of promoting fair competition and a better environment for foreign investors.

President of Kosovo said the country is demonstrating that it's determined to advance in its EU integration path.

During his visit to Pristina, Varhelyi also met with the Kosovan PM, Albin Kurti.

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