Balkans swelter as heatwave grips region

21 Qershor 2024, 11:33Kosovo & Region TEMA

Balkans swelter as heatwave grips region

June 21, 2024 — A scorching heatwave has enveloped the Balkans, pushing temperatures above 39 degrees Celsius in Albania, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Albania braces for the hottest days of the summer yet, with neighboring countries also feeling the heat.

In Belgrade, residents sought relief at Lake Ada Ciganlija and public fountains to escape the sweltering temperatures, peaking at 39 degrees. To safeguard workers, the government has mandated protective measures against the blistering heat.

Health authorities issued a red alert, urging people to avoid outdoor activities during peak hours.

Across the border in Montenegro, tourists enjoyed cooling off with swims along the Adriatic coast, including Ada Bojana near Albania. Authorities there advised staying in shaded areas until late afternoon.

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