Why the Socialists have copied their slogan from the messages of the United States?

4 Maj 2023, 02:26Op-Ed Mero Baze

The United States of America have repeated their political warning against Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta, denying that their attitude towards Berisha might change if his candidate wins in the local elections. Two statements made by Gabriel Escobar regarding the electoral situation in Albania are quite clear. Firslty, he stated that the US will not be influenced by the result of elections regarding its sanctions against Berisha and secondly, he emphasized that Sali Berisha belongs to the past, whereas Albanian citizens should focus on the future.

The US warnings are addressed to Albanian Democrats, who should be aware of this on the voting day. It does not matter who they elect, but they must realize that Berisha wants their votes in order to fight against the US and not against Edi Rama. Therefore, it is crucial that Albanian Democrats do not classify themselves as an anti-American contingent in Albania, which is what Berisha and Meta are trying to achieve.

Furthermore, the division of the Albanian electorate into those in favour and against the United States depends on how Democrats and Socialists will interpret the warnings of the United States. Until now, there are two different viewpoints.

Within the opposition, the official representatives of the Democratic Party are the ones who openly support the United States. Due to a lack of leadership and Berisha’s infiltrations within their group, they enjoy a small support, which is utterly irresponsible of the right wing electorate. The majority of the opposition supporters have joined Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta through an openly anti-American vocation. Here we can include even certain parties that, while not being in coalition with Berisha, still support his candidates in the local elections.  This is a clear anti-American front.

The Socialists on the other hand have been more cautious when in regards to maintaining the same wavelength as the United States. Even their campaign slogan is the result of deconstructing the messages of the United States regarding Sali Berisha belonging to Albania’s past. Now, every time when the US repeats this message, the Socialists sound even more aligned with them.

The Socialists, who are expected to win the majority across Albania, will also save Albania’s reputation, since the US will identify itself with the winner of the elections. The opposition on the other hand will be stained permanently as an anti-American contingent in Albania’s political history. Meanwhile, the easiness with which the opposition has allowed Berisha and Meta to use them for their personal issues will be remembered as one of the darkest stains in the country’s political history. Even if the current opposition ceases to exist in the coming years, its legacy will be remembered for a long time.

On May 14th, the United States will win more than two thirds in Albania, whereas the losers will remain a minority, disdained historically for their battle against the US as well as against the Albanian opposition itself.

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