Why Berisha's faction considers offensive the recognition of Ilir Meta as coalition leader?

20 Prill 2023, 21:03Op-Ed Mero Baze

On Thursday, Sali Berisha’s spokesperson reacted  regarding the decision made by the Complaints and Sanctions Commission to place Ilir Meta’s name in the ballots as leader of the coalition “Together We Win.” She considered the Commission’s decision as “an attempt to minimize Sali Berisha’s stature as leader of the coalition ‘Together We Win.’”

The statement does not leave any room for assumptions. It is obvious that Berisha and his supporters consider it offensive to have Meta’s name as leader of the coalition in the ballots. This sounds as an honest reaction to anyone who hears it. According to the public perception, Sali Berisha really is a more powerful politician compared to Ilir Meta.

However the decision made by the Complaints and Sanctions Commission is legal and not political. Its decisions are not made in the basis of political performance, but rather in the basis of legal certification. On the other hand the statement of Berisha’s spokesperson leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the loyalty that Ilir Meta has shown towards Sali Berisha during this entire time.

Firstly, Meta agreed not to have any mayoral candidates in the local elections and instead support Berisha’s candidates. It is only in four municipalities that he has infiltrated his candidates, which goes to show his loyalty towards Berisha.

Secondly, Meta did not hesitate to forge a coalition with Berisha even when the latter had lost all political legitimacy and furthermore, he sacrificed half of his candidates for the city councils in order to accommodate Berisha’s candidates. Meanwhile, Berisha’s other allies held to their lists of candidates for the city councils, while agreeing to support his mayoral candidates.

Thirdly, unlike all other Berisha’s allies, Meta has kept a stern position against the United States and Great Britain regarding their attacks against Sali Berisha. He has expressed his opposition regarding the sanctions that these countries have imposed against Berisha and his family, risking thus a reputation that was already tainted by many scandals.

Therefore, llir Meta is not only Berisha’s most loyal ally, but also the most willing to become similar to him. Even when it comes to the contestation by Berisha’s followers not to have Meta’s name as leader of the coalition, he still acted very loyally. Meta agreed to have Beirsha’s name as coalition leader in the voting ballots, even though he did not succeed in convincing the Complaints and Sanctions Commission.

Now Sali Berisha has many reasons to be angry at the Complaints and Sanctions Commission or even to be grateful to the head of the Central Elections Commission, but he has no reason at all to be upset with Ilir Meta regarding the fact that he is being recognized as leader of the coalition. This is a legal process, the end of which, Sali Berisha knew really well from the moment when he began to destroy the Democratic Party. He simply must have believed more than he should have in his own power. Hence, from this moment on, he should try to at least not offend Ilir Meta as the only person who has remained loyal to him during this entire time.


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