When Being a Democrat Equals the 'Right' to Kill

14 Maj 2024, 22:21Op-Ed Mero Baze

When a person accused of murdering a police officer is photographed with a Member of Parliament during an electoral campaign, it doesn't automatically imply that the MP is associated with the murderer. Often, criminals seek to align themselves with MPs and other public figures to enhance their own image in the public eye.

Hence, it is not particularly noteworthy that opposition MP Luan Baci was photographed with an individual accused of murdering a police officer in Albania. However, Baci's response to the pictures is significant. He not only acknowledges knowing the accused murderer but also asserts that the individual is a law-abiding citizen, a family person, and a supporter of the Democratic Party. Baci implies that these qualities somehow justify the accused person's involvement in murder. Furthermore, he suggests that the murderer's entire family supports the Democratic Party, despite some members being convicted of murder.

Curiously, Baci fails to mention the slain police officer but praises the accused murderer instead. There could be two reasons for this. Firstly, Baci might feel indebted to the murderer's family and therefore hesitates to distance himself, despite the gravity of the crime. This clarifies several aspects, including Baci's favorable remarks about the murderer, portraying him as a decent family man and a supporter of their political party. However, the fact that Baci, as an opposition MP, appears to depend on individuals involved in criminal activities like the accused murderer, indicates a troubling reliance on criminal groups within the opposition, born out of their desperation for support.

The second possible reason is even more concerning: it suggests that the opposition is willing to pardon and support anyone who kills a police officer, with the aim of instilling fear among Albanian citizens. This aligns with Sali Berisha's strategy. Although he's never directly linked to ordering such actions, he consistently defends those involved in such crimes.

In Baci's case, it seems we are dealing with the first scenario: he's reluctant to distance himself from the murderer due to their close ties. This explanation is simpler and more understandable, suggesting Baci might not be sophisticated enough to employ Berisha's tactics.

Therefore, beyond the tragedy of a seemingly senseless murder of a police officer, we should be concerned about our politicians' failure to disassociate themselves from criminal elements, especially in such blatant cases. Unlike the Socialists, who don't hesitate to face justice, let alone defend a common murderer, the opposition's inability to condemn such actions reflects their political vulnerability.

Baci's portrayal of a criminal and murderer as a hero, particularly highlighting his allegiance to the Democratic Party, underscores the weakness of the opposition. On one hand, they accuse the government of criminal connections, yet on the other, they defend a criminal solely because of his political alignment.

The article initially appeared in Albanian titled: "'E drejta' për të vrarë si demokrat " 

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