To Sali Berisha's fake defenders and his idealist supporters

19 Maj 2023, 21:54Op-Ed Mero Baze

There is a big gap between Sali Berisha’s most passionate supporters and his public defenders after the May 14th local elections. Even his biggest supporters today seem skeptical towards his leadership and the opposition’s future with Berisha as its leader.

If one was to look for a moment at his recent press releases and the comments underneath his social media posts, one would realize that over 70 percent of his biggest fans are advising Berisha to resign from politics. Then, if one was to hear at the journalists on his son’s payroll, it is surprising how they consider Berisha’s result in the local elections as a success and claim that the 500 thousand votes split between the different opposition parties actually belong to him. Furthermore, they have been asking Sali Berisha to remain as lifetime leader of the Democratic Party, while attacking his critics.

Now what is the meaning and the reason for the existence of such a division between Berisha’s paid mercenaries in the media and his idealistic supporters? The latter are not only shocked by the electoral result, but they have also realized that they will never win with Berisha as their leader. They have only one dream and that is to return to power and start to win elections again. However, Berisha has forever ruined this dream as he needs them only as his loyal soldiers. Therefore, disappointed with their leader, Berisha’s supporters are now desperately calling for the Democratic Party to reunite.

Berisha’s paid mercenaries in the media on the other hand have an entirely different goal. They already exert public influence and also have a source for their income. The only thing that interests them is the opposition’s continuous crisis, while they pretend to have the solutions.

I urge everyone to go back and take a look at the media archives from the past. The same journalists who in 2017 considered Basha’s and Rama’s agreement a success, in 2021 accused Basha as a traitor for it. If in 2019 they screamed that the Democratic Party must renounce its mandates and boycott the parliament, the same people are now saying that the decision was rather idiotic. The same public figures that in 2019 advised the opposition to boycott the local elections since it could not defeat Edi Rama, they are now claiming that the 2019 boycott is the main reason why opposition continues to lose in elections.

The same people, who, in 2021 advised Sali Berisha against uniting the Democratic Party and furthermore encouraged him to use violence against his former party, are now complaining that he does not have control over it. They are the same ones who told Berisha to use every violent means possible to invade the party’s offices, even though today they accuse Edi Rama for breaking up the opposition.

The only business for such people is to keep the opposition divided and encourage Berisha take this division even further, hoping that they will themselves be useful for Albania’s most corrupt family and hence earn their living through it. Ironically though, the majority of these journalists belong to the left wing and some are former friends of Edi Rama. They try so hard to publicly defend Sali Berisha only so that every once in a while they can call the Prime Minister and inform him about what is going on with the opposition.

They are the most perverse and shameless intermediaries in Albania who, in order to make themselves useful, pretend that they are defending Sali Berisha, since he is the only one who willing to make such people useful under the current abnormal political situation where the opposition finds itself. This is why, even when they defend Berisha, they lack passion and are not even upset about his electoral loss. On the contrary, they are almost content that he is in deeper trouble and that they can pretend to be on his side.

The ones who truly are upset and want to reflect, the ones who want the opposition to win one day, are those who support Berisha in the electoral base. Each and every one of them has now realized and admitted that they there is no chance for them to win with Berisha as their leader. Their despair and anger is justified as they want to win one day, whereas Berisha’s fake defenders are simply profiting from the opposition’s crisis.


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