The obvious evidence that proves Sali Berisha's corruption

13 Prill 2023, 00:06Op-Ed Mero Baze

In his efforts to brainwash his militants regarding his designation as non-grata by the State Department, Sali Berisha for a while now has been claiming that no one can bring up any evidence about his and his family’s corruption.

As a matter of fact, if one was to calculate Berisha’s public spending during the last year and especially in the last month, one could discover a terrifying amount. The live broadcasts of his meetings in at least a dozen TV channels, the massive staged protests and the luxurious halls where he promotes his candidates during the last month can reach up to more than 1 million Euros. Now, if you take into account the intensity of his meetings at least during the last year, the overall amount of spending goes up to 10-12 million Euros. I am not taking into account here the paid advertising that will be broadcast during the electoral campaign, nor am I taking into account any other extra costs that may come up during the campaign.

All of this money is being paid for by Sali Berisha’s family. His son, the shadow-owner of a TV Channel has appointed as its administrator a former director of the Gambling Agency, who has been accused of mismanaging public funds, whereas his son was involved in the process of negotiating government tenders. Therefore, Sali Berisha and his family have gained so much wealth during their time in power that, ten years after not only have they not run out of money, but they seem to have gained even more through their construction businesses across the country.

Construction companies tied to Shkelzen Berisha and many property developers who work for him are well-known in Tirana. They are not involved in major construction projects in the capital, but also in many others along the Durresi shore. This is not simply proof of Sali Berisha’s corruption, but rather an attempt to show off to the justice system, the US and those who ask themselves why there is no evidence regarding Berisha’s corruption.

During the last couple of months, SPAK has launched a meticulous investigation against the former Minister of Finance, Arben Ahmetaj, searching even the house of his ex-wife. However, the same justice system seems to ignore the lack of transparency when it comes to the financing of the largest anti-American party in Albania, which threatens to destroy our country’s strategic partnership with the United States.

There cannot be any other evidence more obvious regarding the corruption of Sali Berisha and his family than the lack of transparency when it comes to the financing of his party and his campaign. Furthermore, nothing can embarrass the Albanian justice system so much as Berisha’s attempt to show off and ignore its institutions.

We are not talking here about the lack of investigation regarding Berisha’s past corrupt affairs, but the fact that our justice system is turning a blind eye when it comes the streams of undeclared money being spent on stages and podiums to promote anti-Americanism in Albania in the name of corruption.

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